In a digitally connected world, a brands presence on social channels must be carefully managed to maintain a consistent representation of the brand’s image and promote audience engagement with the brand. As a mode of communication, it is important to be highly responsive to user queries and comments on social media as unaddressed negative comments reflect poorly on the brands customer service and adversely impact how other users perceive your company. As a social media agency, our first step is involves an audit of how your brand is showcased across social channels and the level of audience engagement to assess your social influence.

Integrated social campaigns

A well structured social media marketing campaign needs to be integrated across social channels as well as complement the broader marketing strategy. Above all it is visual storytelling at its finest, a showcase of images and text designed to resonate with the target audience.  Our approach consists of the following phases:
  1. Develop profile of target audience
  2. Identify marketing goals
  3. Assess key components of campaign message
  4. Create integrated implementation strategy
  5. Analyze performance & update strategy

Influencer Marketing

For brands wanting to supercharge their social media impact, influencer marketing can be very effective. We carefully assess your brand identity and subsequently determine influencers based on their relevance to your audience and how closely they reflect its values.


With every major platform introducing some form of advertising capability, investing in paid social has become an increasingly important aspect of the social media marketing strategy. We work within your budget to develop an ad campaign targeting your audience demographics based on your conversion goals.