Although the term refers to the optimization of a site to rank highly in search engines, there are several other benefits such as improved user experience and better website performance. For any company wanting to use an organic search campaign strategy, it is essential to find a digital marketing agency with good knowledge and expertise of SEO. The first step of the process here at Elite3 Concepts is to perform an SEO audit to determine the current state of your site’s optimization. Some of the items included in the SEO report are a keyword analysis, backlink analysis, crawl errors, indexing status, meta-tag analysis, page speed and mobile optimization.

Following the audit, we discuss the findings of the report with you and subsequently outline the areas that need to be worked on. With knowledge of the most up to date techniques, our team will optimize your site to make sure it is compliant with the latest Google algorithm changes, which will improve your site’s page rankings, organic search traffic and engagement.


A key component of the search engine optimization process is ensuring that the content is well structured and relevant to the voice of your brand. We analyze all elements of your content to determine existing changes on the technical and communication side alongside opportunities for improved visibility through content additions.


The cornerstone of every digital marketing strategy is well structured analytics reporting which is integral to maximizing the return on investment from your campaigns. Identifying which strategies and channels are driving the most engagements and traffic, are crucial to determining where to most efficiently focus your resources on. We offer different analytics reporting from a general monthly or weekly overview of key metrics to advanced analytics that leverages real-time data to serve content according to a users behavior and geolocation.




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